Lust for Life

Poster by Yana Abrasheva

You looking for the truth?

Well, there’s the truth in your head.

Then there’s the truth that puts the

clothes on your dressers.

The truth that brings the bus

that takes you to town.

The truth that takes your taxes

and spreads it around.

The truth of the crown

The truth that Billy told Murdy

told Dorothy told Thomas something

that wasn’t true, but now might as

well be ‘cause, it’s true they

lookin at you funny.

The truth that I like you and

think you’re cool but get nervous and

my mind plays thousands of scenarios

all untrue except in my head.

That’s the truest I know.

The truth of drugs

    of mugs

   of daylight hugs

The truth that who knows what’s next

and all that’s happened is a lie.

The truth that truth ain’t

all that true

That’s the truest I can do.

(Dagobert Macib)

Ide André, Stéphanie Baechler,

Roos van Dijk, Dagobert Macib, Lisa Smithson 

Opening: Saturday 21 September 19:00

Open: 26 September until 5 October

* Foto's / Photo's: Instagram  @kunstplatformDeApotheek