Made in China

Poster by Michiel Schuurman

De Apotheek kicks off with ‘Made in China' by Marc Oosting.
For the last 4 years Oosting divides his time between Seoul and Amsterdam. He was selected by the Mondriaan Fund for a residency at Institute for Provocation in Beijing in 2017. Made in China shows sculptures and photographs from that time period.
The exhibition deals with questions about the relation between object and display tied to a shift in context of production. The change in context of production, or practice, in turn poses questions directed towards the global/local dynamic.

Marc Oosting 

Made in China is made possible with the support by the Mondriaan Fund.

Opening: Friday 8th june, 19:00 hrs
Open: until june 16th : thu-sat, 14:00-17:00 hrs


De Apotheek
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