Kunstruimte I Artspace in Amsterdam
Momenteel dakloos I Currently homeless

Tentoonstelling I Exhibition 

Fountains without water

When energy forces to break the bonds that hold water molecules together, water evaporates. Water has dried up to leave room for imagination and playfulness, and what is left over are traces of water from the dried-out river in summer, bits of a cold iceberg in Antarctica, or the salty tears on our cheeks. 
Our fountains that once held water, have now relinquished it, allowing other substances to meander through their channels: wine, metal, salt, or even popcorn.

We present a group presentation where multiple artists will explore the idea of a waterless fountain. The show will consist of a series of sculptures and paintings that explore this theme. By disrupting the symbol of the fountain, we make space for something else, to explore different narratives. 

In this exhibition, we use the symbolism of fountains as a way to celebrate change, collaboration, and untried systems. The show is an invitation to imagine new stories together, by presenting different fountains, with everything but water, scattered in the space.

Á. Birna Björnsdóttir

Milena Anna Bouma

Janina Fritz

Ayesha Ghaoul

Elena Giolo

Juan Sebastian Guerrero

Laura Canha Malpique

Peer Vink

Opening: Saturday 2 September 19:00
Only 1 week open!
Wednesday 6 until Saturday 9 September 13:00-18:00

- Poster by Kristiāna Marija Sproģe - 

De Apotheek Tolhuis
Buiksloterweg 7A 
1031 CC Amsterdam Noord
(achterzijde gebouw/backside building)