Tentoonstelling  I  Exhibition


Lore of Gilgamesh

poster by Michiel Schuurman 

Who, my friend, can ascend to the heavens?
(Only) the gods can dwell forever with Shamash.
As for human beings, their days are numbered,
and whatever they keep trying to achieve is but wind!
Now you are afraid of death—
what has become of your bold strength?
I will go in front of you,
and your mouth can cry out: "Go on closer, do not be afraid!
Should I fall, I will have established my fame.
(They will say:) "It was Gilgamesh who locked in battle with Humbaba the Terrible!"
fragment from the story of Gilgamesh

Paul Geelen, 
Ceel Mogami de Haas, 
Ian de Ruiter

Opening: Saturday 26 October 2019
Open: 1 until 9 November

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Instagram:  @kunstplatformDeApotheek