Tentoonstelling I Exhibition   

Poster by Kristiāna Marija Sproģe

Twisters "raison d'etre" is showing of elaborate special effects that create 
the experience of being near and even in a tornado.  
A tornado isn't an easy phenomenon to build a plot around, they can't be predicted more than 3 minutes in advance. 
So it's partly forgivable that the artists haven't got a linear story but rather showcase a fluid piece of mess. So, when shit hits the fan do they mop it up or simply enjoy the momentum of adding a bit of confetti to it? Just when the bartender is about to answer 
this silly question, one of the guests orders a twister on the rocks. 
Eventually, someone will collapse and drop to the ground, but you'll have a great time experiencing it. In the end, we all get sucked into a twister and come out as a new person. 
Arash Fakhim
Frederique Jonker
Marcel van den Berg
Mike Moonen
Sander van Noort
Opening: Saturday 28 January 19:00
Open: until 18 February
Fridays & Saturdays 14:00-19:00

De Apotheek 
Tolhuis, Buiksloterweg 7A
1031 CC Amsterdam Noord
(achterzijde gebouw / backside building)

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